Virtual Reality – enthrall your audience

Traverse digital spaces in wide-eyed wonder.

3D Walkthrough – cutting edge real estate marketing

Transport your customers, let them explore.

Visualization – make relating to new design effortless

The future, visible now!

3D Animation – a captivating way to convey information

Let’s throw some light on the subject!

3D Animation
A captivating way to explain

Let’s throw some light on the subject!

From first concepts through to ready-to-release movies. Defining a sequence as a storyboard, we then transform it into gorgeous 3D sequences with the focus always on your subject. Be amazed at how clear your ideas become when presented this way.

Make relating to new design effortless

The future, visible now

Whether it’s exterior, an interior or a product - realistic or stylised - we can turn your plans, drawings and models into believable scenes that make them easy to relate to and appreciate.

3D Walkthrough
Cutting edge real estate marketing

Transport your customers, let them explore

Teleport clients directly into their next property purchase. It’s the easiest way to view - no need to arrange meetings or site visits. Seamless displayed in any web browser. Useful for both existing and soon-to-be-built projects. A great experience, whatever the weather.

Virtual Reality
Enthral your audience

Traverse digital spaces in wide-eyed wonder

A stand-out experience. Immerse people in a setting that they'll totally recall later. VR experiences are beneficial within many areas including entertainment, marketing, education, medicine and more besides. A realistic simulation or a fantasy world, it’s up to you.

Let people FULLY appreciate your vision.

Your project, matched with the right technologies and backed up with our experience. We mind the details, leaving you free to share your vision and gather audience appreciation.

Captivating promotional materials, let’s do it!

Inspiration plentiful, bandwidth limited? Rely on us for optimal planning, expert collaborations, sharp focus and fluid communication.

Life may be imperfect, but you can still amaze.

We support you in making good decisions, even if the circumstances are less than ideal. Despite any limitations, we always get your visual materials to you in great shape.

Want to make your projects even greater?

Answer our 5 questions and receive a tailor-made production proposal in return.

Our process

Step 1

Brief, offer and approval. We can now begin work on your project.

Step 2

Creative direction is agreed. We can take existing work you like into account.

Step 3

We build or improve the assets needed for the scene or experience - producing the first version for internal review. Iterate until it’s ready for your eyes.

Step 4

We receive and then respond to your feedback. More skill and sweat, then a close-to-final version is ready for you to check.

Step 5

We make last adjustments and provide a final version of the presentation.

Step 6

Approval of the work by you. Now go and amaze!


Jakub Zychowicz Jakub Zychowicz

Jakub Zychowicz

Founder and Art Director

The Head of Technology. The team's Project Manager. Wears various hats. And gloves. Totally gets the needs of every client and seeks out new technologies, to find an innovation that fits just right - like a glove. Disharmonious aesthetics keep him awake at night.

Diana Biega Diana Biega

Diana Biega

CG Artist

Optimistic, friendly, energetic. Bends beams of light into fancy patterns. Numero uno researcher. Every day is her first at the studio. Always on time (no matter how it's stretched or squeezed).

Konrad Kordas Konrad Kordas

Konrad Kordas

CG Artist

Heads up The Process Department :) Keeps everything in order. It's due to him we always find the right project versions, even years later. Great modeller. Eats lattices, splines and bump maps for breakfast.

Szymon Jania Szymon Jania

Szymon Jania

CG Artist

A trained architect. His deadpan humour and passion for driving fast cars make us smile. Always begins projects diligently - establishing clarity and order - but then he accelerates hard through the modelling, leaving behind a stylish 3D trail.

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Want to make your projects even greater?

Answer our 5 questions

and receive a tailor-made production proposal in return.

1. What object, place, subject or experience do you want to present? What aspect of this presentation needs to be most prominent?

2. Who is your target audience?

3. What visual materials have you used before for similar situations? What are your likes & dislikes regarding these materials?

4. Could you show us some existing visual material that has qualities you’d like to see in your presentation? And can you tell us what especially pleases you about it?

5. What is your priority in cooperation with us? E.g. we want to improve the quality of our presentations.

6. Thanks. That's great!

We have what we need, and now we can think of something especially for you. Once that’s done, in a day or so, we’ll send you our advice and an offer of work.